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A new district dedicated to creativity, bringing together 1,800 creatives from all industries. Affordable rents, flexible spaces, a place for ideas to breathe and grow. Clean desk space, dirty workshops, collaborative areas. Car-free winding lanes filled with the buzz of activity.

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Up Close

Close looking is at the heart of Chinese painting and calligraphy. In premodern China, painters and calligraphers learned by copying, a practice that required heightened observation of details. In the process, they also learned how to look—how to detect fine distinctions of ink tone, saturation, and line.

White Shining Objects by Shjworks

“We do not know”, was the common answer to the passersby, given by Shjworks while they were installing the project and were asked what it was. And it was true; Shjworks could not exactly tell what it was.

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About Art Oriental

Art is an expression of the soul. It illuminates objects, reflects the real world and people’s inner worlds, and satisfies people’s aesthetic needs. Both east and west have magnificent art, and both east and west have outstanding artists. Out of passion for eastern art and what it can bring to the world in the digital age, we are proud to introduce the Art Oriental webpage as a communication platform.

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