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Yang MuQing :Roaming Ancient culture and Civilization

杨牧青:以甲骨文境象漫游上古文化文明 Yang MuQing :Roaming ancient culture and civilization with the phase shape of realm of Oracle Bone Inscriptions 这篇文是基于对中国书法、绘画艺术的创作提升和人类上古文化谱系课题研究过程中一些学术探究与理论认知的粗略整理,是水墨巴蜀之古脉今承·杨牧青书画上古文化艺术作品巴蜀邀请展系列活动和水墨三晋、水墨京津冀·杨牧青书画文化行活动中以主题讲座交流形式分享的主要内容之一,在现场配合数百张实景实物图片和书法绘画图照展示的情况下,可以此概观有关以甲骨文为线索的古文字与上古文化文明的基本情况,这对于弘扬、发掘、传承、发展中华优秀传统文化和新时代的文化自信及讲好中国故事有积极的促动意义,这是文化人的情怀和使命。 This article is based on the rough arrangement of some academic exploration and theoretical cognition in the process of improving the creation of Chinese calligraphy and painting art and the research of human ancient culture pedigree. […]


New art space Asakusa has held “1: The Third Entity”

The first edition of “1: The Third Entity” was held as the first exhibition curated by the art space Asakusa in collaboration with Kawakami Laboratory, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. With a mission to broaden our thinking through innovative exhibitions, Asakusa weaves the concepts behind artworks in surprising ways. The exhibit offers a […]

Pandemic threatens to unravel artist’s kimono ambitions

Hiroko Takahashi fought through sexism and suspicion from traditional kimono artisans to establish a globally known brand that sold hundreds of her original garments every month — until the coronavirus devastation hit. Takahashi has tried to regroup by selling handmade masks sewn from kimono fabric.