The first edition of “1: The Third Entity” was held as the first exhibition curated by the art space Asakusa in collaboration with Kawakami Laboratory, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. With a mission to broaden our thinking through innovative exhibitions, Asakusa weaves the concepts behind artworks in surprising ways. The exhibit offers a wide array of ideas that blend place and time, brought together in the unique space of a renovated 40-square meter historical Edo wooden structure. The works by the three creators, Taka Atsugi, Mikhail Karikis and Héctor Zamora, shed light on a vast range of contemporary issues including labor, community, and the sharing of ideas and sources of energy. Read more

A multidisciplinary collection of work from Japanese and American artists at the Fergus McCaffrey gallery in Tokyo explores the body and transgression of boundaries at a time when self-isolation and caution are the order of the day.

In Min Tanaka’s 15-minute video piece, the 75-year-old dancer first appears as a disembodied arm snaking between two rocks beneath a swiftly flowing stream. He then is seen as a living mass gingerly rising up beside a tree; sometimes like a vine that uses the tree for support, but also as an old man with desperate affection for life and without the burden of consciousness. Read more

Hiroko Takahashi fought through sexism and suspicion from traditional kimono artisans to establish a globally known brand that sold hundreds of her original garments every month — until the coronavirus devastation hit.

Takahashi has tried to regroup by selling handmade masks sewn from kimono fabric. Read more